The favorite meal

Durian Fruits
Frücte durian (Durio zibethinus) smells very intense and sweet taste like butter and some crop varieties have slightly bitter taste when you eat.
The durian fruit can be seen in Medan at the Iskandar Muda Street located off the corner of Gajah Mada,
if, in the direction of Padang Bulan street driving. Price of 10 pieces costs about Rp 50,000

Bika cake
Bika is increasingly being felt when bitten, and it is a small cavity simply as a wasp's nest.
With sweet taste siener Bika this tune a lot of good parents and children.
The color Bika cakes are very typical yellow light, the dough made from wheat flour, sugar, vanilla, spices and baked spekuk way
The ingredients make the cake very delicious.

For you are the lovers of Bika cake, along the road on the left Mojopahit Medan
and right side of the street with her eyes Category cake is served.
Bika is sold, the size of a square size approximately 22 x 22 cm.
Prices vary in range between Rp.18.000 - Rp.30.000, - / Box.

Bolu Gulung MERANTI
A kind of cake Bolu Gulung MERANTI "which is perhaps better known than the potential of the fruit of Medan sponge roll.
You can add some confectioners of Bolu Meranti this role on the road are Jalan Krakatau.

Soto Medan (soup)
This soup is usually served with rice and Reisnuddeln as a side dish.





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