Maimon Palace

Jl. Bridjend Katamso, Medan

Maimon Palace is the size of Kingdom Palace Deli, or also called as the palace of Putri Hijau.
Palace dominated the yellow color, it is the color of the Malay kingdom of greatness. Development
Palace was completed on 25 August 1888 M, in the reign of Sultan al-Rasyid Makmun Mighty Alamsyah.

Sultan Makmun is the eldest son of Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam, founder of the city of Medan. Since
1946, the castle is inhabited by the heirs of the Sultanate of Deli. At certain times of the palace is
often malaysche traditional music. Typically, a first-dihelat power to revive the party
Joy of marriage and other activities.

Width of the palace more or less 2772 meters, with the broadest range of 4 hectares. The length of the
reached the front and tall buildings reached 75.50 m 14.14 m Palace has two floors and has pillars of stone and wood.

Visitors can tour the palace, where they can also use the collections in the boardroom,
Sultan's visit, such as family photographs, Dutch antique furniture and various types of weapons.
There is also a gun Buntung legend into retirement so that people Medan had a gun.
This Palace is located on the Katamso Brigadier street, district Maimun Medan, North Sumatra.




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