In Medan, north Sumatra, we are in the far west of Indonesia.
On the coast, rice is grown. Look into the country to draw huge rubber and palm oil plantations.
Out here, Medan, shows a friendly, aristocratic face. Many modern hotels have been built and put into operation.
Medan is the third largest city of Indonesia, starting with the capital city.
In Medan control over how almost all the Chinese cities of South East Asia faces
The Tjong A Fie hießt, the city of Medan. above the shops and the Staßend image.

Medan city developed from a village called Kampung Medan Putri, founded by teachers Patimpusum the year 1590-a.
Teachers Patimpus is the son of a Karo Batak tribe from Pelawi Sembiring, weiter lesen --> Medan from previuos
The environment, population, currency, important holidays, read more --->> shorter Medan Information





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