Polonia Airport

The Bandar Udara Internasional Polonia Airport is
the Indonesian city of Medan on Sumatra
Condition Polonia Airport - Medan, both in terms of capacity, condition of facilities, and they
are located in the center of the city, is considered worthy enough to a new location
be postponed. In 2007 the construction of the new airport in Medan is already implemented and
be prepared to cover in 2009.

Indonesia airport controller
Indonesia Airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II operates 10 airports in Indonesia,
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the new airport taxes are as follows:
1. Soekarno - Hatta Jakarta: Rp40.000 Domestic & International Rp150.000
2. Polonia - Medan: Rp35.000 Domestic & International Rp75.000
3. SM Badaruddin II - Palembang: Rp35.000 Domestic & International Rp100.000
4. Minangkabau - Padang: Rp35.000 Domestic & International Rp100.000
5. St Syarif Kasim II - Pekanbaru: Rp30.000 Domestic & International Rp75.000
6. Halim Perdanakusuma - Jakarta: Rp30.000 Domestic & International Rp80.000
7. Supadio - Pontianak: Rp30.000 Domestic & International Rp75.000
8. Sultan Iskandar Muda - NAD: Rp25.000 Domestic & International Rp100.000
9. Husein Sastranegara - Bandung: Rp25.000 Domestic & International Rp75.000
10. Raja H Fisabilillah - Tanjung Pinang: Domestic Rp20.000

Angkasa Pura only increased the domestic airport of departure tax from Medan Polonia Rp25.000 to Rp35.000.
International departures will remain the same as Rp75.000 for now.



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