Public transport

Form of public transport in Medan is located there with motor Richa (becak motor)
you can see in almost all of Medan.
In contrast to the usual place (becak rowing), Richa engine can passengers on almost everywhere in the city.
In addition, you can see in the city that kind of public transport minibuses (are Angkot) and use a taxi.

But in Medan, a very typical for the public transportation is Sudako.
These public transport (Sudako) had previously with 2 engines are not any capacity 500cc a minibus S38 Daihatsu.
Shape is a change in vienna car trailer.
On the back are two seats, so that the length of the passenger sitting opposite and very close to the knee,
so that the jog in the front passenger. Paying cheap one Rp 2,000 per km for 10 students,
and Rp 3,000 per km for public transport.


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